8 halves
Prep Time:
10 min
Cook Time:
10 min

This simple yet elegant recipe is the perfect summer indulgence! Sweet pears and savory prosciutto are always a winning combo, and the addition of our creamy Pear, Wine & Rosemary goat cheese log adds complexity and depths of flavor that will have everyone reaching for seconds.

Pear proscuitto


  • 4 medium ripe or slightly under ripe Bosc pears
  • Olive oil
  • Two 4 oz Pear, Wine & Rosemary goat cheese logs, room temperature
  • 8 slices prosciutto


  1. Halve and core the pears. Next, preheat a cast-iron skillet to medium high heat. Add a little bit of olive oil to the skillet followed by two pear halves, skin side up. Let the pears cook and turn slightly golden and then remove from the skillet, about 3 to 5 minutes. Repeat the process with remaining pears.
  2. Place the cooled pears on a plate. Take some goat cheese and place it on each pear. Next, wrap each pear with a slice of prosciutto. Serve and enjoy!
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