Celebrating Our Past and Our Future

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Our Cheeses Get a Fresh New Look

In case you missed it, our cheeses got a glow-up!

Since 1979, we've been lovingly handcrafting goat cheeses rooted in centuries-old French cheesemaking techniques and refined in the heart of California’s wine country. Recently, we decided it was time for our packaging to better reflect our storied history and values. Moreover, it was important to us to celebrate our connection to our beautiful home in Sonoma and capture the spirit — and inspiration — that drives us forward.

Honoring Our 45-Year Legacy

From our first goat cheese in 1979 to more than 18 different flavors and products—and still counting—in 2024, we've learned that truly special cheeses can only be born from an act of nurturing. An act of crafting. An act of caring.

As we considered our next 45 years, we wanted our new look to embody the deep love we have for our craft, our vision for the future, and of course, the cheese itself.

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Our updated color palette illustrates the bright, fresh flavors of our cheeses, our passion for and commitment to craft, and the culinary influences of our vibrant local landscape. The colors and imagery are a nod to both our heritage and our home. The poppy, for example, is not only California’s state flower, but a call back to our original packaging, serving as a common thread between old and new—where we came from and where we’re going.

A Note on the Goat

And speaking of our original packaging, you might notice one thing that hasn’t changed over the years when it comes to our logo: the goat! Laura Chenel herself bought her first goat in the early 1970s. As her herd grew, so did her love for them–and her milk supply. She soon found herself drawn to cheese-making, and, well, here we are.

Goats make our mission—and our cheese—possible, and happy, well-cared for goats, make for some exceptionally delicious cheese. They deserve all the recognition.

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What Else Isn’t Changing?

Our commitment to making the most delicious, inspiring goat cheese possible—with the smallest environmental footprint possible. We remain devoted to the cheesemaking traditions that our founder and namesake Laura Chenel mastered four decades ago, but from a state-of-the-art LEED Gold certified sustainable creamery to minimize our impact on the land we call home.

And that will never change.

You can find our new packaging—and possibly a fun, new flavor (wink, wink)—on shelves this spring. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see what incredible food adventures await you.