The Art of Choosing, Storing & Serving Goat Cheese

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Here’s everything you need to know about properly storing your goat cheese and keeping it as fresh and creamy as possible—whether it’s right from the store or half-finished from last night’s party.

I’m new to goat cheese—where should I start?

First off, welcome! We love goat cheese newbies! While some might say goat cheese is an acquired taste, we think its tangy flavor and super creamy texture make it super versatile and entirely irresistible.

It’s important to note that we are discussing two styles of goat cheese: fresh and aged. Fresh goat cheese is soft and young. It’s moist and can range from creamy to more crumbly in texture, depending on the moisture level. You often see fresh goat cheese packaged in a log shape.

Aged goat cheese is ripened over a longer period and, thus, slightly firmer in texture. Age can vary from soft-ripened to hard. It tends to have a stronger flavor and taste, sometimes with hints of umami and butter. It’s perfect for melting or slicing.

If you’re a first-timer, we recommend reaching for a fresh chevre, like our Original Log. It’s mild in flavor with a pleasant tang—not sour or “goaty”—and offers a smooth, silky finish.

When I’m purchasing goat cheese, what should I look for?

You can find great tasting goat cheese at your grocery store or your local cheese shop. Whenever possible, we recommend shopping local brands. When you shop local, you reduce the distance it took for the cheese to travel from farm to you. It’s more sustainable and supports your local farmers.

Next, confirm the cheese producer utilizes all-natural, fresh milk. Why? Because the key to great tasting cheese is the best milk. Fresh goat cheese should be white in color. Avoid goat cheeses that have off colors like yellows and pinks or look mushy in texture.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. These days, there are many interesting and surprising flavors, like our Mango Habanero, so let your curiosity be your guide. Give it a try!

Where in the refrigerator should I store my goat cheese?

It depends.

Fresh goat cheeses that are unopened and vacuum-sealed can be stored anywhere in your fridge for about two months (sometimes longer).

For aged or resealed goat cheeses, we recommend storing them in a more stable, humid environment like your vegetable crisper drawer. Avoid storing them in the coldest part of your fridge, which is typically located in the back and bottom shelves.

I’ve opened the packaging. What’s the best way to reseal my goat cheese?

Because of their delicate flavor, once opened, goat cheeses have a shorter shelf life compared to other cheeses so don’t open your packaging until you are ready to use your cheese. It’s important to reseal your goat cheese correctly because once the seal is broken, your cheese will quickly begin to lose its freshness, flavor, and texture.

To avoid additional waste, we recommend shopping for cheese more often to ensure you’re always enjoying the freshest tasting cheese. In other words, purchase your cheese based on what’s needed for your upcoming occasion or recipe. There is no need for bulk shopping.

If you must store your goat cheese after opening, remove the original packaging. For aged cheeses, wrap it in wax or parchment paper and store it in your refrigerator. You can also place the wrapped cheese in an airtight glass container for extra protection. Fresh cheeses will stay fresher in an airtight container and are ideally enjoyed within about five days.

What does the date on my goat cheese packaging mean?

Goat cheese comes with a “Best By” date on its packaging. This date is not an expiration or food safety date. Instead, the “Best By” date indicates how long a product will be at its peak flavor and quality. Therefore, you’ll want to enjoy your cheese before or on the “Best By” date. You can still consume your cheese after this date. It just might fall short of freshness standards. As with all foods, never consume if there is an off odor or flavor.

What’s the best way to serve my goat cheese?

Fresh goat cheese can be served straight from the fridge because it warms up quite quickly. Aged goat cheeses, on the other hand, should always come to room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving. Bringing your cheese to room temperature is worth it because it softens the milk fat and, thus, ensures maximum flavor. And you deserve to get the best tasting experience from your cheese!