The Premiere American Specialty Goat Milk Cheese.



Our California original Cabecou is a goat cheese button, aged slightly to give it a nutty flavor and dense texture. Then we marinate the discs in a mixture of savory herbs, organic canola oil and California extra virgin olive oil. (The large foodservice size is 100% extra virgin olive oil.)


This cheese has it all! It’s creamy yet firm and easy to handle. The tasty marinade is a bonus for your recipes. We love to brush fresh Roma tomatoes with some of the oil from the cheese and roast them in a slow oven until they begin to brown and the flavors are concentrated. We layer the Cabecou on the tomatoes and bake until it begins to brown and soften. Who could resist scooping them up with warm grilled bread!


Available in 6.2-oz. and 3.5-lb. jars.


Pairing Notes: A crisp, light bodied California Pinot Grigio with pepper or arugula notes is a perfect complement.